Carrier Bags

A general directive in many provinces and communities throughout Canada, is to minimize the use of traditional plastic shopping bags. BioBag helps to play a significant role in achieving these objectives.

This can be accomplished because BioBags can be made in numerous sizes and styles to suit your requirements. We can supply carrier bags with up to 8 colours printing on two sides. By doing this we are well on the way to reduce waste significantly.

In the future it will be paramount to use materials containing renewable resources to reduce/minimize the negative environmental impact and support sustainable development. BioBag carrier bags made from Mater-Bi plays a major role in these areas.

After the carrier bags have been used several times, they can be utilized as food waste bags for organics and composted. Eventually, they become a natural part of the environmental life cycle.

Compared to paper bags, BioBag carrier bags constitute a better environmental alternative solution.

BioBag Carrier Bags BioBag Carrier Bags BioBag Carrier Bags

T-Shirt Bag Rack-Style
Item # 07Shop
7 Gallon Bag
16.4 x 19.69in / 409 x 500 mm
500 per case

T-Shirt Bag Rack-Style
Item # 10Shop
10 Gallon Bag
17.72 x 22.83 in / 450 x 580 mm
500 per case

Produce Bags
Item # PBC1117
11 x 17in 279 x 432 mm
800 Bags per roll x 4 (3200 per case)


BioBag Carrier Bags BioBag Carrier Bags

Custom bags available upon request.


Bag 4 Life

"Bag 4 Life" is a new concept where the bags are produced with a strong Bio film. These bags are intended to be used many times (10-12), before composting.

It has been proven that retailers actually make money on the "Bag4Life" concept. Retailers sell "Bag 4 Life" and thereby reduce the number of bags given away for free to customers.

Our top quality printing, with up to 8 colours available, makes our "Bag 4 Life" not only practical, but also a great addition to your promotional activities.


BioBag Canada carrier bags are EPD certified, which gives you all the information needed if conducting your own LCA.

On behalf of the environment - Thank you !