High Quality Biodegradable and Compostable Films.

BioBag Canada's technical films are available under the brand BioBag. The brand name BioBag hides different grades for different applications, though all with the same aim; to improve your product and to meet your customer's needs.

Based on our years of knowledge and technical experience, we are world leaders in developing consumer film applications achieving the right performance for the desired results for our customers. Our R&D is driven by consumer needs and vision of a more sustainable environment.

Our films unique characteristics make them suitable for packaging, hygiene products and industry applications, and you will find our films in many products on the market. Our films strongly contribute to building a more powerful brand and an environmental sustainable product, without having to compromise on its performance.

BioBag technical films offer:

Comfort & Personal safety

The soft and silky surface of the material gives a comfortable feeling when in direct contact with the body. Our films have a natural breathability, meaning that water vapor can pass, giving increased comfort and dryer skin, which are highly appreciated by consumers. The breathability can be tailored if so required.

BioBag technical films are biocompatible and non-cytotoxic; in other words proven to be fit for and not harmful to the skin. Our films are certified to be a total biological barrier to virus and bacteria with maintained breathability!


All our different grades of films are certified to be compostable according to the European Standard EN13432 and the US Standard ASTM D6400.

We offer grades that are biodegradable in soil and certified for home composting. Furthermore all our grades contain no GMO starch.

BioBag Canada technical films are EPD certified which gives you all the information needed if conducting your own LCA. Our products are based on renewable resources.

Mechanical properties

In general, the mechanical properties of BioBag technical films are ranging from LDPE to HDPE, meaning that our films can be processed in standard converting lines and techniques without any major changes. BioBag technical films can also be printed upon and coloured with master batches without any pre-treatment.

Our films have a good adhesion to paper and non-wovens and are good barriers to oil and fats.

Suitable applications for BioBag technical film

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