Residential BioGarden Film - Retail
1.5m x 10m
9 packages of 1 roll per case
84 cases per pallet

Agricultural Products

BioAgri is produced from Mater-Bi, a bioplastic raw material created by complexing starch with polyesters, certified as biodegradable and compostable. BioAgri makes the daily work for farmers easier thanks to its biodegradability in soil.

Imagine the time and cost savings benefits from the fact that BioAgri mulch films do not have to be collected from the fields. At the end of a crop cycle, BioAgri film residues can simply be ploughed into the soil.

The proven biodegradability in soil, together with non-ecotoxic and non-genetically modified starch, allows the use of BioAgri mulch films to be a genuine contribution to a better environment.

BioAgri Mulch Films – Farming applications

We offer 2 grades of Mulch films with two different thicknesses of 12 micron and 15 micron.  Each roll is 4’ x 4000’  They come 24 rolls per pallet.

We can customize your Mulch films to be wider, longer and thicker if required for your application.

Why mulch films?

Application of mulch films has become more and more important to farmers all over the world in order to: