Mater-Bi ®

BioBag products are made of Mater-Bi, a raw material that serves sustainable development combining environmental demands with those of agriculture and industry. Mater-Bi was developed by Novamont, and is the real response to the demand for convenience goods and packaging that have a reduced environmental impact. It contains renewable resources of agricultural origin. It reduces the greenhouse gas emissions and the consumption of energy and non-renewable resources. Mater-Bi, thanks to the agricultural origin, returns to earth through processes of biodegradation and composting without releasing pollutants.

Under extremely clear and strict regulations on environmental issues (the European Standard EN13432 and the US Standard ASTM D6400) BioBag products are exemplary models. This because of the certifications obtained, the analysis and control instruments used and the guiding role in numerous national and international initiatives with the aim to constantly clarify and define the most suitable policies for safeguarding the environment.

BioBag products contain renewable raw materials of agricultural origin such as non-genetically modified starch. BioBag manufactures and sells various lines of biodegradable products, all with the Mater-Bi raw material. BioBag products are available within a number of product areas, sizes and qualities.

BioBag products:

· are completely biodegradable and compostable in different environments (e.g. composting plants, soil). · can be printed on, using normal inks and printing techniques, without the need for crown treatment; · can be coloured by using biodegradable Mater-Bi based Master-batches and are intrinsically anti-static.

On behalf of the environment - Thank you !