The BioBag Difference

Our History

BioBag (formerly Polar GruppenAs) was established in 1957 and introduced BioBag, made from a renewable raw material Mater-Bi, in 1994. Up until then the company produced polyethylene bags and films as its main activity. In 1997 BioBag Canada change direction through new ownership and defined a clear strategy, paving the way to become the world leader in Bio plastic production. Polyethylene production was completely phased out, and BioBag Canada has been totally committed to biodegradable products since 2003.

Focusing on research and development, BioBag has been able to work with wholesalers and retailers as well municipalities, industrial, and agriculture consumers to develop Bio films that meet their applications. The result being, BioBag has grown to be the world's largest producer of certified compostable/biodegradable products.

The brand name "BioBag" has become a trade name with an outstanding international reputation and is the world's leading brand of biodegradable/ compostable products.

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On behalf of the environment - Thank you !